Build In Public With Platform Architect Charles Brown From Formidable

Show Notes

In the latest episode of GraphQL Radio, we take you behind the curtain with platform architect Charles Brown from Formidable to discuss how Formidable and Stellate joined forces to solve massive volume problems for PUMA while reducing operation costs by 30%+. This is the first of many in our new Build in Public Series. The wide-ranging discussion is led by Stellate's very own Andreas Heiberg, Engineering Manager, and supported by Jovi De Croock, Staff Software Engineer.

Charles Brown is a full-stack engineer and platform architect with a broad range of experience leading large and small teams. He has spent the last 15 years working with both startups and enterprises, designing and building next-generation software and cloud infrastructure. He is a certified AWS Architect and has consistently delivered secure, stable, and highly available cloud infrastructure for numerous clients.

Charlie's previous work includes building solutions ranging from thermal image mapping for the manufacturing industry, processing IoT data at scale in the cloud, and rebuilding health and financial services platforms from the ground up. Charlie is also a strong advocate of DevOps and has consulted with dozens of enterprises to help them smoothly make the transition from traditional ops to a more agile development cycle.

Topics discussed include:
  • PUMA's Platform Architecture
  • Formidable Labs
  • Optimizing App Performance
  • Optimizing The Cloud
  • Splitting Queries
  • PUMA's Scale
  • Massive Volume Problems
  • Caching Considerations
  • PUMA's Platform Challenges
  • Splitting Data
  • Aggregating Queries
  • Marketing Campaign Speeds
  • Cache Key Complexities
  • Mitigating Bot Attacks
  • Reducing Operation Costs
  • "Cache Stories"
  • Consultancy Support
  • Netflix Scale Problems
  • Inventory Systems
  • Exciting Tools
  • AI Tools
  • Content Management World
  • Sanity CMS
  • Content Lead Time
  • Real-Time Cache
  • Purging Complexities
  • Clearing Caches
  • GraphQL & Stellate
  • Salesforce
  • Request Latencies
  • urql
  • Edge Networks
  • Multi-Region Cloud
  • E-Commerce Video
  • Worldwide Cache Clearing
  • Edge Compute
  • React Server Components
  • Next.js
Build In Public With Platform Architect Charles Brown From Formidable
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