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25. Jan 2018

35 min


State Management with Apollo w/ Jake Dawkins

Jake Dawkins is a lead software engineer at Major League Soccer in New York. Tune in to learn about his work at MLS as well as how to use Apollo's new apollo-link-state library for state management in React applications.

28. Dec 2017

51 min


Schema Stitching & More w/ Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf gave the keynote talk at this year's GraphQL summit! In this episode, we discuss his work on GrAMPS and GraphQL schema stitching in general.

5. Dec 2017

49 min


GraphQL Deep Dive w/ Eric Baer

Eric Baer is an engineer at Formidable Labs in Seattle. In this episode, Eric explains how GraphQL is used at his work. Nikolas and he also discuss the talk Eric gave GraphQL Summit and do a deep dive into how GraphQL works under the covers.

24. Oct 2017

54 min


Subscriptions and the RFC Process w/ Rob Zhu

In this episode, we're joined by Rob Zhu, software engineer at Facebook. Rob gives a great overview of some GraphQL history before we dive into Subscriptions, the RFC process and more GraphQL topics!

19. Sep 2017

36 min


Building a Headless GraphQL CMS w/ Michael Lukaszczyk

Michael Lukaszczyk is the co-founder of GraphCMS, a headless content management system (CMS) based on GraphQL. In this episode, we learn from him why GraphQL is such a great fit for content management systems in general and what's special about GraphCMS.

22. Aug 2017

35 min


Apollo Interns w/ Ramya Nagarajan, Shadaj Laddad & Evans Hauser

The summer came and went so fast! While all of us were kicking back and maxing the sunshine, 3 young engineers embarked on a challenging summer internship for the Apollo team at MDG headquarters in San Francisco. In this episode, we interview Ramya, Shadaj and Evans to learn about their personal experiences working at Apollo. Tune in to hear about what interning at Apollo is like and what projects they've been working on over the summer.

15. Aug 2017

42 min


How to GraphQL w/ Nikolas Burk

In this episode, Nikolas Burk walks us through the process of building the fullstack GraphQL tutorial website "How to GraphQL". Abhi and he discuss the motivation for the whole project, why many developers still don't really know how they could benefit from GraphQL and how this new GraphQL tutorial is supposed to change that.

27. Jun 2017

47 min


Evolving GraphQL @ Parabol with Jordan Husney and Matthew Krick

We had the pleasure of talking to 2 early adopters of GraphL and GraphQL subscriptions! Parabol exists to serve people and manifest change. With their multiplayer real time work organization app, we dove into using RethinkDB initially for real time support, event bus systems, `meatier`, and cashay!

9. Jun 2017

41 min


Real World GraphQL @ Microsoft with Erik Schlegel

With GraphQL taking the developer community by storm, more real world applications of the technology are taking shape. Erik Schlegel, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, joins us today to discuss how GraphQL helps Microsoft's partners team build real life impacting applications. In this episode we talk about projects at Microsoft using GraphQL, Project FORTIS, and GraphQL Subscriptions.

4. May 2017

75 min


GraphQL Clients w/ Lee Byron, Joe Savona, Sashko Stubailo, and Jonas Helfer

What is a GraphQL Client? With the emergence of GraphQL as a new frontier for data transport, how do client side applications take advantage of this new paradigm? Today we are joined by Lee Byron (Co Creator of GraphQL), Joe Savona (Engineer for Relay), Sashko Stubailo(Engineering Manager of Apollo) and Jonas Helfer (Engineer on Apollo) to discuss the 2 big players in this space: Relay Modern and Apollo Stack.

3. Mar 2017

32 min


Moving to GraphQL at Coursera

Today we talk to Jon and Bryan members of the Front End Infrastructure team at Coursera. We talk about life before GraphQL and dive into the transition to GraphQL currently.